Holidays and Family Reunions  


Thanksgiving 2005

Our first turkey ever. Luckily, Aunt Hannah came just before we popped it in the oven and let us know that we should season it and remove the giblets.

Christmas 2005

Axa's first Christmas with the relatives.

Easter 2007

Did you know that if you use RED cabbage to dye Easter eggs, they turn BLUE?

Christmas 2007

Starting our own family traditions

Whirlwind Tour before Italy

In the month before we moved to Italy, we visited many relatives.


Thanksgiving 2009

There are few places where you can spend a sunny day at the beach in late November over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Christmas 2009

Christmas in Fallbrook.

Christmas 2011

Christmas with the Grandparents.

Bringhurst Family Reunion 2012

Celebrating the New Year in Utah with Sarah's family.

Familia Family Reunion 2013

First time the entire family has been together since Thanksgiving of 2008.


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