Odds and Ends  

Sometimes it is difficult to organize everything nicely into catagories. This page is for all of those special occasions that just don't fit into the other sections of the Familia Family website. Enjoy!

Brigham Young University
BYU has been a big part of our family and we have many fond memories.

Welcome Home Elder (Sam) Bringhurst

Uncle Sam arrived home last week (March 23, 2006) from an honorable 2-year mission to Puerto Rico. We are all glad to have him back...especially Axa.

Trip to SoCal

Our trusty little Mazda has taken the family to Southern California a few times already this year for business.

Sunny San Diego

Some snapshots of our life while in Southern California.

"Charlotte Mason" Moments

Getting more time outside in nature makes everyone happier. Read more about Charlotte Mason at Ambleside Online.

Our First Little Farm

Taking babysteps towards our dream of a biodynamic farm in France.

Florence, Tuscany

Exploring some of the gardens and museums in the "City of Flowers."

Irish Countryside

7th century Fore Abbey, Tudenham House, Regency Period ruin, Dublin, the Royal Canal, and more...courtesy of Rory and the Murphy family.

The Long Winter

Shoveling snow, building a REAL IGLOO, hot chocolate from Corso, and staying in bed as long as possible in the morning.

Sun-seeker Paradise

Picturesque white-sand beaches and average summer temperatures in the low 80's (about 26 C) makes Tunisian beaches the holiday destination for thousands of sun-seekers every year.

LUCA: Our Tunisian Ramadan Rescue Basenji

On a day during the first week of Ramadan in Tunisia, we saw a cute little puppy who had lost his owner. We took him in, and cared for him for the month before placing him in a loving home.


California in the Fall

Corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and apple picking are a few things to do in the Fall in California.

Kern River Nature Preserve

One of California’s finest remaining riparian forests and natural wildlife preserves.

Homeschooling - The Early Years

Influenced by Charlotte Mason and Clasical Education...with a hint of Unschooling.

Wild Florida

Florida is a humid sub-tropical climate teaming with wildlife (and bugs!)

Daytona Beach, Florida

Home to the Daytona 500 Raceway and one of the most famous beaches in the USA. (25 minutes from Deltona)

The Goat Farm

We don't just drink raw goats' milk...we play at the farm each week when we pick it up. =)

Working on the Wildwings House

Tony's favorite past time... building stuff with his Dad.

Irish Dance

Axa and Raj did Irish dance for 2 years while in Central Florida, and enjoyed (almost) every minute
of it.

Amsterdam Cafes

Saturday and Sunday morning coffee is about the best leisure activity that exists... and there are roughly 8 cafes within a 5 minute walk from our home. :)

DENISE (De New International School Esprit)

Before Amsterdam, Axa and Raj were homeschooled. DENISE was the perfect multi-national dutch school to integrate into the community, make friends, and start our life in Holland.

Dog Walking in Schinkelbuurt

From strolling up and down the schikel canal to walking over to Vondelpark or the Olympic island, there were many nice walks in the buurt.


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