Florence, Tuscany  

the Arno River is simply beautiful

the Arno at night

Easter celebrations

more Arno

viewing Firenze from Piazza Michalagelo

a street artist outside of the Ufici museum

a Florantine carries the sacred flint from Jesus' tomb carried home from the crusades

Chianina bulls (the largest breed of bull in the world) pulled the ancient cart loaded with fireworks

there is a grand procession (in period costum) that followss

a flaming dove flies out of the Duomo and sets off the fireworks

Neri, the best gelataria in Firenze (on Via Neri behind Palazzo Vecchio)

Pizza Man! with our friend we met on GetaFreeLancer, Stathis

we added a "love lock" of our own with a message from when we first moved to Saluzzo

the old palace

an archery competition in Boboli Gardens

Boboli Gardens

more Boboli

chocolate Easter Eggs

first eye exam in Italy

new glasses

the gelateria near our house

Sarah's smile should give you an idea of how good Pizza Man was!
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