2005 - Share our adventures as we scuba dive, research manufacturing companies, and ride the Superferry.

Gold Bluffs Beach, California

2006 - A trip down memory lane, and three days camping in a remote, beachside campsite on the Northern California Coast.


2007 - On the advice of a friend in Vancouver Washington, who was from Vancouver Canada and had been to Vancouver Island before, we spent the day in Vancouver (the city)...

Piedmont, Italy

2008 - Our first trials, follies, and ecstacies as we suddenly decide to follow our hearts to Italy. For an off-the-cuff international move, it wasn't all that bad.

London, UK and Trieste, Italy

2008 - A simple trip to the London Temple and back turned into a trek to Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. On the way home, we got a surprise bonus visit to Trieste, Italy's Eastern European city by the sea.

Milan, Italy

2008 - A glimpse of world-class opera, a 13th century cathedral finished by Napoleon, and plenty of high fashion, inside and outside shop windows.


2011 - Picturesque whitewashed mosques, ubiquitous Roman and Carthaginian ruins, ancient Berber graineries and subterranean dwellings (which also doubled as film sets for STAR WARS)... and more.

Sicily, Italy

2011 - A short trip to visit our friends Sicily by boat (and to renew our visas). It also included spending a day in Palermo, visiting the Valley of the Temples, and LOTS of gelato!


2015 - Our first real family vacation after moving to Amsterdam. Madrid, Toledo, Lecrin Valley, Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, and everything in between... including Christmas!


2016 - A magical castles tour of northern Germany with Grammy and Pampa.

Vienna, Austria

2016 - Austria's capital and voted one of the world's most liveable city, Vienna is on the banks of the Danube river. Also, it's a great place for a romantic getaway to pick up a puppy!

Maastricht, Netherlands

2016 - A fun trip with Grandma Betty and Grandpa John to one of the quaintest (and oldest) towns in the Netherlands... Maastricht.


2016 - One of the most surreal Mediterranean daydreams. Lyra's first family vacation! Rich with ancient and modern history and full of idyllic coastline.

Amsterdam, Giethoorn, Groningen and Delft, Netherlands

2017 - Grammy and Pampa visit us again and, this time, we stay local and explore some amazing cities in the Netherlands.

California, United States

2017 - Grammy and Pampa come for a short time to Amsterdam and then take Axa and Raj back to visit family in California (with a short stop-over in Iceland) for the summer.


2017 - With Axa and Raj visiting family back in California, Sarah and Tony decided to do the only sensible thing: Renew their wedding vows in the most romantic destination they could think of!

Paris, France

2017 - A short, romantic business/pleasure trip to Paris to celebrate Sarah's birthday.

Piemonte, Italy

2018 - Nostalgic trip back to Piemonte. We rented a cute AirBnB in Chiusa Pesio and enjoyed the beautiful springtime.

California and Utah, United States

2018 - Camping with John and Betty at Gold Bluff's Beach, Familia Family reunion at Angels Camp, driving out to Utah to spend time with the Brinhurst side, and playing way too much basketball!

Naarden, Netherlands

2018 - Tony and Sarah celebrate their Crystal Wedding Anniversary (15 years!) in a restored, Dutch fortress town called Naarden.

February Ski Holiday, France

2019 - Our first ski holiday as a family... and Axa and Raj's first time to hit the slopes. Lyra much preferred the car over the plane to get there.

Baltic Sea Trade, Germany/Denmark

2019 - ROAD TRIP with Grammy and Pampa exploring some of the trading towns and ports of the historic Hanseatic League along the northern German coast and up into Copenhagen.

Slovenia Hiking & Croatia Beaches

2019 - Trekking through the breathtaking Triglav National Park in northwest Slovenia the first week and bumming around at a nice AirBnB in Croatia with one of our favorite family friends.

Normandy, France

2019 - Axa's friend, Eden, joins us for a lazy AirBnB holiday to northern France nestled by the fireplace. D-Day beaches, Paris, Mont Saint-Michel (castle-island), and celebrating our 'Sweet 16' wedding anniversary.

North Brabant, Netherlands

2020 - Due to covid, our one and only family holiday for 2020 was a week long relaxing holiday to North Brabant. Our key criteria were BBQ and jacuzzi.

Covid Friendly Getaways, Netherlands

2020/2021/2022 - Covid lockdowns started in early 2020 and lasted until mid-2022. Thanks to Greenwheel carshare and kids who are now teenagers, we were still able to take 9 covid friendly day/overnight trips.

California, USA

2021 - Tony managed a single business trip to the US between Covid waves. Not only did he get to see the whole Familia family in California, but he also arrived just a few days after the birth of baby Charlotte (Curtis and Stephanie).

Barcelona and the "Golden Coast", Spain

2021 - We finally were able to take our first family holiday since the covid pandemic started, almost 2 years ago. Sunny weather at our beach front AirBnB, day trips to Barcelona to see La Sagrada Familia, and amazing food.

Axa and Raj travel to California, USA

2022 - Axa and Raj can now travel as ADULTS! Yay! They took a direct flight to San Fransisco and back all by themselves.

Umbria and Rome, Italy

2022 - With the kids off on their own with the relaties in California this summer, Sarah and Tony headed to the "Green Heart" of Italy - Umbria. To sum it up in a word, it was... bellissima!

Rome and Amalfi Coast, Italy

2022 - Christmas in Rome and then two luxurious weeks in the Amalfi Coast.

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