The Long Winter  

looking down Via Roma from Piazza Galimberti in Cuneo

splitting wood for
the winter

The chesnut festival
in Cuneo.

roasting our own chesnuts
with Beatrice.

Cuneo Branch
christmas program

costumes courtesy of
Axa (crown made
by Grandma Betty)

Pianfei has the most
impressive nativity
scene ever.

Corso never lets us down...
gelato in the summer and hot
in the winter.

Pampa mailed us an
ESKIMOLD so we could
build a REAL IGLOO!

Raj scraping the

Capacity = 1 Tony
OR 3 bobbles

Axa's first snow fort!


Santa's little elf busy making
presents for everyone.

presents from Axa

presents from Grandma
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