Amsterdam Cafes  

Slowth - Our favorite cafe. It opened a couple months after we moved into the neighbourhood. We were the first customers. :)

Vlaamsch Broodhuys ('Flemish Bakery')

Axa's first coffee with Daddy (black sugar latte)

Lyra's favorite seat at Slowth

1 year anniversary

Slowth cafe table

possible the best hipster cafe in town... CT Coffee and Coconuts (renovated Ceintuurbaan Theatre)

Drover's Dog

Saus West Cafe

Saus West inside

SLA ('salad')

Bagels and Beans

Cafe Casteluzzo (our kitchen :p )

Cafe Casteluzzo (outside)

Anne and Max

Anne and Max

Anne and Max

Anne and Max



La Perla

Brownies and Downies




Stedelijk Museum
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