DENISE (De New International School Esprit)  

school pictures

Year 8

first day of school at DENISE, 2015

Axa's Graduation presentation - "Throw me to the wolves and I will come back leading the pack."

Raj's graduation day

ice cream at museumplein

museumplein in the summer

museumplein in the winter

Avondverdagse - annual dutch school tradition to walk 40km over four days

more avondverdagse

more avondverdagse :)

BBQ with school families


Halloween trick or treating in Oud Zuid

lazer tag party

Axa camp with her class

Axa camp

Raj heading to camp

Raj camp

Axa Group 7 class play - The Little Mermaid

Axa Group 8 class play - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Raj Group 7 class play - Aladdin

Raj Group 8 class play - Beauty and the Beast

Axa baking cooking for her class for her birthday

Sarah helping with Halloween

Axa Exit Point (3 happen per year)

Raj Exit Point
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