Axa in Amsterdam  

Doctor Who party - moisturize me!

Graduation presentation - "Throw me to the wolves and I will come back leading the pack."

family photo with Lyra

Athena the huntress


Lyra in Malta

kayaking at Amsterdamsebos

Chocolate tour in Belgium

camping with Grandma Betty and Grandpa John at Gold Bluffs Beach, California

11th birthday party

Redwood National Park, California (daddy and cousin Noey)

camp at DENISE school

heading off to camp

SLOWTH Cafe - Axa's first coffee with Daddy (black sugar latte)

Lyra at SLOWTH

picking out clothing for the class dinner

after learning in Florida, Axa continued for three years horse riding at De Hollandsche Manege at Vondelpark

horse riding in Malta

ice skating at Museumplein

more skating

we take this sign very literally

Barlaeus Gymnasium

DENISE class play

Gold Bluffs Beach, California

Pier 39, California (with Grammy and Pampa)

Sunsplash, Sacramento CA (with Michael and Ryan)

last day of year 1 at Barlaeus

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