Raj in Amsterdam  

Raj starts going to the opera and ballet with Sarah #culturebuddy

Raj's qualities ;)

8th birthday

9th birthday

medal from avondverdagse


Stedelijk Museum

The Happy Bull

King's Day

Raj's first amsterdam bike

getting a kiss under the mistle toe at a christmas market

first time to place #1 in his fencing class

fencing - Style Prize

our handsome little man

don't know where he gets his style from ;)

at the beach Alec

boat ride Giethorn

Redwood National Forest, California

walking with Grandma Betty and Gramd John in Ferm Canyon, California

board games with Grammy and Pampa in Amsterdam

class play - Aladdin

Halloween - Newsies

after learning in Florida, Raj continued for another year of horse riding at De Hollandsche Manege at Vondelpark


lyra greets Raj at school

Raj's collection of canal houses

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